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What Hijab colours fit your skin undertone?


I’m sure you’ve all heard about colours that suit different skin undertones. But I’m sure for most of us, we just choose a hijab colour that we are feeling like for the day, to match our outfit and we’re done! …

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8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for your mother! (although you, of course, don’t need a specific day to do so) Why not pamper your mom or give…

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Why You should start using Halal Cosmetics


Halal cosmetics- you’ve probably heard of it before but you might not have looked into it or taken an interest in it. I think we often pick up makeup products without thinking about its ingredients or manufacturing process- we usually…

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5 Signs you’re Makeup-Obsessed


A makeup pouch overflowing with makeup products you can’t even zip it up, drawers filled with every lipstick shade there possibly could be, but is there such a thing as too much makeup…? Well, if you’re one of those who…

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#StealTheirStyle: VIVY YUSOF


I can’t be the only one who has a #girlcrush on Malaysian fashion icon, Vivy Yusof. A successful and intelligent entrepreneur with a wardrobe and style every girl dreams of, Vivy Yusof has become one of the biggest fashion and…

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How to Take and Edit the Perfect Instagram Photo


With the myriad of beautifully-taken, aesthetic photographs plastered all over social media, Instagram has easily influenced not only me, but many others to take an interest in capturing good photos and learning the know-hows of editing. Over the years of…

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How to Achieve the No-Makeup Makeup Look


Most mornings, I wake up energised, dress up, put on makeup and I’m ready to tackle the day ahead of me. However, there are always days where I’m too lazy to get out of bed, let alone put makeup on…

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5 Modest Clothing Essentials for Hijabis


Being stylish and trendy doesn’t always mean spending a fortune on clothes to constantly upgrade your wardrobe. Instead, good style starts from the basics. So, investing in key clothing pieces can save you from another fashion dilemma. These essential pieces are…

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Fitness Groups Hijabis Can Join in Singapore


So you want to burn away the fats that are slowing you down whenever you are chasing after the bus in the morning, or you want to strengthen your muscles so that you can join your friends on a hiking…