I am pretty sure that every one of us has experienced those days, when we want to look good, but are either just too lazy to dress up or our pieces of clothing that are sure to turn heads are in the pile of dirty laundry. This is when accessories do the trick. Even the most basic accessories can make a boring outfit look chic and fun!

Hijabis: Make a Dull Outfit Stylish with These Accessories

1. Hijab Accessories


Source: Hijabs by Hanan on Youtube

You’d be surprised at how a simple brooch can brighten up your entire outfit! There are many different kinds out there – thin ones, thick ones, sparkly ones, ones with flowers, ones with ribbons, and the list goes on. If you’re a little more on the brave side, why not try fashioning a headchain with your hijab?

2. Necklace


Source: Saima Chowdury on Lookbook

If all you have on are dark-coloured top and bottoms, try wearing a necklace to add some bling to your outfit! You can wear it under your hijab, or between the layers of your hijab if you want more coverage. A necklace of any shape and colour is a sure way to make your outfit look sophisticated with minimum effort on your part.

3. Watch


Source: Jayne Stokes on Pinterest

A timepiece is not only functional. It is also a fashion accessory that you can depend on to excite your dull outfit. And the best part about watches, I believe, is that you don’t have to worry about matching them to your outfit! From my experience, any timepiece you want to wear would most certainly suit with whatever clothes you already have on.

4. Boots


Source: saimasmileslike.tumblr.com

Technically, shoes are not considered to be an accessory because you wear them every time you go out, just like you wear you’re a pair of shirt and pants. But here, I’d like to emphasise just how much of a difference your choice of shoes can make to your outfit. A pair of black boots matched with your already black outfit can make you look stylish, simply because of its intricate design and texture. So this is something that I’d definitely recommend you to have in closet (plus, it keeps your toes warm on cold days!)

What other accessories can you think of that can help to bring dull outfits up a notch?