How we dress reveals some things about ourselves – the things we like, our feelings at the present moment, what we’re up to for the day. Even in this tiny red dot, we see a diversity in the fashion palates of Muslimahs. Here are 5 tastes that you and I would commonly spot while we’re walking around outside.

5 Different Fashion Tastes of Muslimah in Singapore You Can Easily Identify With

  1. Vintage


Anything that is vintage takes us back to the past when Sandy and Danny were household names before Troy and Gabriella took their places. This includes high-waisted pants, blouses which are slightly loose and baggy, flare skirts and dresses, and big belts. I am inclined to say that vintage colours tilt towards the sides of pastel and neutral – nothing too striking. With a fine balance between looking casual and formal, there’s a certain kind of elegance and charm that I find in vintage clothing J

  1. Lepak


Relax, chill, lazy – lepak captures the essences of these characteristics succinctly all at once. I’m a big fan of lepak fashion because it’s comfortable to be dressed in a long-sleeved shirt together with a pair of harem pants, batik pants, or overalls. But I’m amused at how much effort it actually takes to look the part without looking sloppy or looking like I literally just got out of bed!

  1. Street


Ahh… these are the kinds of looks that you will probably not see on the runway but carry with them a spirit of confidence in simplicity. I think an outerwear, especially a denim jacket, paired with pair of fitting pants always does the trick. Street styles are a mix-and-match of sorts, and it’s amazing to see the variety of combinations that Muslimahs in Singapore along come up with!

  1. Sophisticated

Source: Langston Hues

And then we have the kinds of looks that might actually end up on a Fashion Week model – those that involve the careful deliberation of pairing a simple long skirt together with a patterned blouse and a pair of heels or pumps. You’d see this classy look worn by women who seem to be on their way to a an important meeting… or perhaps they just have a dinner to attend with their significant other 😉

  1. Girly


Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and I feel like wrapping myself in shades of pink and yellow. The girly look is almost always accompanied by anything floral – a floral skirt, a floral dress or a floral blouse. While any pair of shoes would complete the look, I would say that a pair of shiny gold or silver sandals gives it an extra edge. This look brings with it an element of youthfulness and quiet poise J

Which of these 5 fashion tastes do you identify with most?