Being stylish and trendy doesn’t always mean spending a fortune on clothes to constantly upgrade your wardrobe. Instead, good style starts from the basics. So, investing in key clothing pieces can save you from another fashion dilemma. These essential pieces are interchangeable and can be styled in various ways, ensuring you look fresh and edgy, each time you walk out the door. Whether you’re just starting to don modest clothing or have been wearing the hijab for as long as you can remember, my modest clothing essentials guide will make sure you have everything you need in your closet!

5 Modest Clothing Essentials for Hijabis

  1. Outerwear- Jackets/Cardigans

Source: @ayuapparels, (@adarkudish)

A denim jacket or a light, stylish cardigan is a must-have for your wardrobe to spice up any outfit or use over your short-sleeved clothing. Despite the hot weather in sunny Singapore, where wearing an outerwear might be unthinkable, wearing a light cardigan or bomber jacket on top of a tank-top would be the perfect combination to fight the heat with style.

  1. Straight-cut Jeans

Source: (@y.asmeena)

The basic straight-cut jeans are a staple because it is not only versatile but also gives you modesty, due to its looser cut. Forget skinny jeans, straight-cut jeans are coming back in style. Dress it up or down, by changing up your top or add accessories like bags or boots for a more stylish look.


  1. Palazzo Pants 

Source: (@RojeFAbdollah, @senaseveer)

Palazzo pants are a personal favourite of mine, and I’m sure of many others too, because of how effortless and comfortable they are. You can simply wear a plain blouse with these pants and walk out the door, looking effortlessly chic.

  1. Basic Long-Sleeved White Tee

Source: (@hijab_fashioninspiration, @nisacookie)

The basic white tee is honestly a “life-saver” for me- you don’t know how many times I’ve reached for a white tee when I don’t know what to wear in the morning. You can pair it with any bottom, dress it up or down, and you will still look put together. I suggest investing in a good white top (be it a dress shirt or a plain cotton tee) that can last you a long time because this is an essential that can pull any outfit together in no time.

  1. Maxi Skirt 

Source: (@foreverzainab, @elifg0dan)

Every hijabi should have at lease one plain long skirt in her wardrobe that can be easily matched with a long sleeved-top. Without even trying, wearing the classic long skirt can make you look elegant and sophisticated. This is a useful hack that seems to require a lot of effort and preparation but is actually effortless to pull off.

What are the clothing essentials YOU can’t live without?