A makeup pouch overflowing with makeup products you can’t even zip it up, drawers filled with every lipstick shade there possibly could be, but is there such a thing as too much makeup…? Well, if you’re one of those who enjoy dolling yourself up every morning or just put in the extra effort when going out with friends, you might have collected a few makeup products over time. But I’m one of those who’s guilty of having not just ‘a few’ products…I might even call myself makeup-obsessed. 😆

 5 Signs you’re Makeup-Obsessed

  1. It’s always a struggle to zip up your makeup pouch- and you have more than one!

First, you fill up one makeup pouch till it’s bursting at the seams and then you decide to get another one and sooner or later that fills up too. You get it, its an endless cycle. This problem is most prominent in your go-out makeup pouch because you just want to fit everything in- everything becomes essential. So, if you experience this all the time, you might just be makeup-obsessed!

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2. You have so many shades of lipstick colours- how many shades of red and pink can there be?

Ok, I know there are more than red and pink shades now- orange, dark purple, and the odd colours like blue and green but the most common are the pinks and reds. But honestly how many shades of it can there be- imagine the thousands of makeup brands coming up with a lipstick range…of the same pinks and reds. Still, it doesn’t stop the makeup-obsessed individual from buying a ton of lip products and going “they’re all different!” when people ask. Guilty here 😁

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3. You are always looking forward to your next makeup-shopping trip, be it to Sephora or Watsons!

Walking around Sephora, you feel like a kid in a candy shop! Even if you don’t buy anything, swatching eye shadow colours and planning your next buy can be therapeutic too. I’m always ready and willing to go into Sephora or even Watsons to look at the new makeup products, because they are all just so aesthetic…Is it just me, or does anyone feel the same way too?

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4. You always feel like you want more makeup products even though you have pouches/drawers filled with them already!

As you’re walking through Sephora or Watsons, you have an overwhelming urge to get that new lipstick or eyeshadow palette that looks gorgeous. But then you remind yourself that you have plenty at home…but not in this shade right? You justify yourself by saying you don’t have this particular product or colour in your collection, as you walk to the check-out counter. I think we’re all guilty of doing that but hey, at the end of the say if we don’t regret the purchase, that’s fine right? 😂

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5.You are always watching makeup tutorials or beauty product reviews!

I started watching makeup tutorials way back- from Michelle Phan days. So for as long as I remember I’ve been watching these beauty/makeup/lifestyle Youtubers share their enormous makeup collection and beauty tips- it’s no wonder I’ve fallen into this “makeup hole”. If you’re always watching beauty and makeup tutorials on Youtube or Instagram, you might also be a little obsessed with makeup😝

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