Summer break is upon us! So I reckon that many of you will soon be traversing across the globe for various reasons – perhaps for internships, family visits or leisure. If you’re going to be backpacking or travelling from place to place in one trip, then it might be a good idea to pack light – try to squeeze everything into a backpack for convenience’s sake! But even as you try to fit your life essentials into a bag, here are some essentials you shouldn’t leave home without.

A Hijabi’s Guide to Packing Light for Travelling

  1. Prayer items



Wherever you will be in the world, remember to set aside time throughout the day to pray J Know how to find the Qiblah of the place where you will be going beforehand, and print the local prayer times on a sheet of paper or save them onto your phone before you set off. Bring that, along with your prayer garments, prayer mat and Qiblah compass EVERYWHERE you go – always remember to keep them in your daypack. There will be days when your schedule goes out of your control, and you will end up having to pray at the beach or beside a lake or by the road!

  1. Inners



If you’re keen on packing light, then the number of headscarves that you bring is really much less important than the number of inners. 1 scarf can last you for up to 4 days if you keep them dry and clean (and if you’re up for some ruggedness). However, I highly recommend changing your inner every day or every other day for hygiene purposes J Besides, inners take up much less space than scarves. You can roll them into a ball and squeeze them into one of the front pockets of your bag J

  1. Sports hijab / swimwear


Source: (@bnglory)

A sports hijab or a swimsuit will come in handy even if taking a dip in the pool is not originally in your agenda. You never know – you might come across a beautiful stream while climbing mountains in Indonesia and feel like jumping right into the water! Or you might decide to actually pick up surfing while walking along the beaches of Australia. Even if you don’t have a sports hijab or swimwear, bring along a set of clothes that you won’t mind getting wet in, such as a pair of track pants and a black dri-fit long-sleeved shirt. Plus, sports hijabs are also important for activities like rock-climbing where pins are typically not allowed.


  1. Extra pins/brooches


I survived one ten-day backpacking trip to Indonesia on two pins and two brooches, and I counted myself lucky for not losing them! Always have with you at least one extra pin or brooch in the event that you forget where you put them before you go to bed, or in case they get lost while you’re having a spontaneous swim!

  1. Sarong



This might come as a surprise… why would we need to bring a sarong if we’re already going to be covered from head to toe? Since I reckon that most of us would prefer to travel around in a pair of pants, draping a sarong over our pants is important as a gesture of respect for when we visit places of worship such as mosques and temples. Furthermore, a sarong has so many purposes – you can use it as a picnic mat or to keep yourself (slightly) warm when the night gets cold!

Are there other times that you think are essential to bring along?