Here at Ayu Apparels, you’re not only spoilt for choice with our own latest fashion must-haves. Through the merchant program, we also collaborate with other budding online businesses who sell their products with us.

Top Merchant of 2015

We started this program April last year. It has since expanded, and we currently have 23 partners on board with us. We’ve been fortunate to have met these young and passionate entrepreneurs who contribute to the success of Ayu Apparels. Among them, Her Rainbow Closet (@herrainbowcloset) has proven to be your favourite. It is no surprise then that HRC has been crowned the 2015 Top Merchant of the Year! We recently caught up with the founder and owner of HRC, Nur Alya Lamri, 27, for a short chat.

How did HRC start?

HRC: I have been selling online for quite some time already. I started when I was in secondary school. I was inspired by my sister who does online business too. And I thought I also want do the same thing – be my own boss. Hehe. Those days blogshops were popular, I had one too! I stopped at one point. I’m unsure why I did. Then with the rise of Instagram shops, HRC was started in January 2013.

How would you describe the fashion style that HRC offers?

HRC: HRC aims to offer the latest fashion style to keep up with the trends accordingly. HRC focuses on modest clothing that is suitable for a Hijabi’s wardrobe.

What were some of the challenges you’ve faced while running HRC and how did you overcome them?

HRC: Among others, difficult customers, dealing with suppliers and difficulties with selling available stocks. Usually, I will reflect and try to get ideas on how I can handle and overcome the situation. Otherwise, I will seek advice from my sister because she’s the best person to go to!

Why did you choose to join Ayu Apparel’s Merchant program?

HRC: I’ve been wanting to have a website where customers can shop online but I just haven’t had the time to make one (I’m working on one currently though). Furthermore I have a full time job and an active 13-month-old son. Hence, time is limited. So, when I received the message from Ayu Apparels about this merchant programme, I got excited. It’s a platform for me to showcase HRC and its a fuss-free shopping experience for customers. I even got support from my husband and family to go ahead and try this programme. Alhamdulillah so far, all is well and I even renewed my contract with them.

I’ve been wanting to have a website where customers can shop online but I just haven’t had the time to make one.

How do you feel about being crowned our 2015 Merchant of the Year?

HRC: Of course it wasn’t expected. I was elated! I didn’t know they had this Merchant of the Year award. I was surprised when the founder of Ayu Apparels informed me. It’s not a big award but it motivates me to do better for HRC and provide more for the customers. All I can say is Alhamdulillah, my hard work paid off and I will continue working hard. ?

Any advice for potential merchants?

HRC: They should join this programme! I believe it will benefit them and their business in one way or another. If they are unsure, they can always direct their questions to the Ayu Apparels team. They are nice people. Lastly, believe in yourself and believe in Allah s.w.t. for the rezeki [blessings]. ?

Faith, hard work and moral support are essential ingredients for success, indeed J Congratulations, Alya! Will HRC clinch this year’s top spot again, or will there be another winner? We wonder….