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Why You should start using Halal Cosmetics


Halal cosmetics- you’ve probably heard of it before but you might not have looked into it or taken an interest in it. I think we often pick up makeup products without thinking about its ingredients or manufacturing process- we usually just base it on the quality of the product. So, do you actually know what goes onto your face in your daily makeup? If you ask me, you should! I think not many people are well-informed on this topic, including me at first, believe me! So I’ve done the research and present to you my take on Halal cosmetics, and why you should start using them.

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5 Signs you’re Makeup-Obsessed


A makeup pouch overflowing with makeup products you can’t even zip it up, drawers filled with every lipstick shade there possibly could be, but is there such a thing as too much makeup…? Well, if you’re one of those who enjoy dolling yourself up every morning or just put in the extra effort when going out with friends, you might have collected a few makeup products over time. But I’m one of those who’s guilty of having not just ‘a few’ products…I might even call myself makeup-obsessed. 😆

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How to Achieve the No-Makeup Makeup Look


Most mornings, I wake up energised, dress up, put on makeup and I’m ready to tackle the day ahead of me. However, there are always days where I’m too lazy to get out of bed, let alone put makeup on my face. This no-makeup makeup look is catered for one of those days, where you’re too lazy to put on a ton of makeup but don’t want to look like a zombie (yikes!) Of course, the practicality of this look is not only reason why this look is so popular. Even on runways and advertisements, models and celebrities alike opt for the no-makeup makeup look because it gives a much more natural and radiant glow to their face. This look is much trickier to pull off than you may think so, here’s a guide to nail the No-Makeup Makeup look, featuring Sonia’s video and the products she used.