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5 Modest Clothing Essentials for Hijabis


Being stylish and trendy doesn’t always mean spending a fortune on clothes to constantly upgrade your wardrobe. Instead, good style starts from the basics. So, investing in key clothing pieces can save you from another fashion dilemma. These essential pieces are interchangeable and can be styled in various ways, ensuring you look fresh and edgy, each time you walk out the door. Whether you’re just starting to don modest clothing or have been wearing the hijab for as long as you can remember, my modest clothing essentials guide will make sure you have everything you need in your closet!

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Hijabis: Make a Dull Outfit Stylish with These Accessories


I am pretty sure that every one of us has experienced those days, when we want to look good, but are either just too lazy to dress up or our pieces of clothing that are sure to turn heads are in the pile of dirty laundry. This is when accessories do the trick. Even the most basic accessories can make a boring outfit look chic and fun!

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How to Pull Off Wearing Glasses with Your Hijab


For a vast majority of us, gone were the days when we had perfect eyesight – when we didn’t have to rely on a pair of spectacles or contact lenses to see things as they were. And for many of us who fall into this category, we might find it problematic to integrate our spectacles into our hijab styles, especially because there is a risk that our glasses would slip off against the hijab or worse, cause a headache when pressed too tightly beneath the layer of our hijab… How then, is it possible, to look good and feel maximum comfort in both our glasses and hijab? Here are my personal protips:

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Everyday Make-Up Tips for Muslimahs


I’d be the first to admit that applying make-up in the mornings can take up more time than I would like it to. But thank goodness, after seeking advice from friends who abide by a daily make-up routine, I’ve come up with three tips that I hope would make the process easier for you and me.

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Ayu Apparels Coupon Code | Discount Code


Shopping online at Ayu Apparels is always an exciting thought. You may have in the situation where you are simply spoilt for choice when browsing through our catalog. When that happens, decisions have to be made and you will most probably have to narrow down your selections to only your favorite hijabs or Muslimah dresses. I’m sure it would be a lifesaver to have a discount code or coupon code that you can use to make your purchases value for money. Well, here are the latest codes that you can use on your next purchase. Take note of the validity periods to make sure they have not expired. These codes don’t last long so be sure to use them as soon as you can!

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Everyday Hijab Fashion for Students


If you’ve ever had a massive headache thinking about what you should wear to school, know that you’re not alone! Sometimes I miss wearing a school uniform because then it would mean that I won’t have such a problem. But after spending two years in university, I’ve come to be grateful for the opportunity for me to express myself through my outfits. Here are five looks that I think would allow me and you to do just that, while allowing us to still look presentable in the classroom.

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5 Signs that You’re Having a Bad Hijab Day


Ahh… don’t you have those days when everything’s wrong with your hijab? Just like a bad hair day, a bad hijab day happens at times. And I’ve heard that a bad hijab day is worse than a bad hair day because when all else fails, a ponytail always does the trick. So what happens on a bad hijab day?

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Hijabi Tips for Mixing Pastel Colours


Hands down, pastel colours are one of my absolute favourite colour schemes. I find these colours to be soft yet bold, elegant yet playful at the same time. Having said this, however, I have to admit that it took me a while to get used to wearing pastels because I found it a hassle to mix them. Do the colours even match? Do these pastel-coloured shoe look out of place? Do I look too much like a princess? After trial-and-error (and also looking at how other people mix their pastels), I’ve come up with a four-way solution that perhaps you would find useful if you’ve ever had doubts with this family of colour.

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Ayu Apparels Top Merchant 2015


Here at Ayu Apparels, you’re not only spoilt for choice with our own latest fashion must-haves. Through the merchant program, we also collaborate with other budding online businesses who sell their products with us.