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A Tribute to Muslim Mothers


Dear Mum, I was counting my blessings and you came to mind. How fitting it is that the first person on my list is also the first one who knew me when I arrived into this world. I’ve always wondered how you felt about me when you were carrying me in your womb. And now as I scroll through my news feed, coming across soon-to-be mothers showing off their tummy bumps getting bigger as the weeks pass, I am hoping that you did the same.

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7 Things About Hijabis That You Should Know


Hijabis are indeed an special part of the vibrant Singaporean community. Not only do we stand out in terms of our dressing, for years, we have also been making our mark as valued contributors in our society. If you have been raised in Singapore, chances are that you have met or have been friends or acquaintances with a Hijabi. But how much do you really know about us?

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Useful Tips for Ladies Who Want to Wear Hijab


If you have always wanted to start wearing Hijab but find yourself being bogged down by the inertia of embarking on such a significant change, remember that you are not alone. There are thousands of like-minded ladies before you who have successfully made the transition. And the general sentiment is that it has changed their lives drastically, in a good way of course. The hijrah to Hijab is often said as one that is accompanied by a sense of happiness and inner peace.