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How to Take and Edit the Perfect Instagram Photo


With the myriad of beautifully-taken, aesthetic photographs plastered all over social media, Instagram has easily influenced not only me, but many others to take an interest in capturing good photos and learning the know-hows of editing. Over the years of taking and editing photos for fun, photography has almost become a therapeutic thing for me. I really enjoy playing around with photography and seeing how the photograph comes to life with the power of editing. I’m not an expert at photography but I’ve taken and edited enough photos to know a few tips and tricks to taking and editing a good photo. Coupled with tips from professionals, here are some tips and tricks to taking the perfect Instagram photo!

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Fitness Groups Hijabis Can Join in Singapore


So you want to burn away the fats that are slowing you down whenever you are chasing after the bus in the morning, or you want to strengthen your muscles so that you can join your friends on a hiking trip up Mount Rinjani, or you simply want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to take care of the bodies that Allah has granted to us by way of exercising… but you don’t know where to begin, especially because you feel uncomfortable when you hit the male-dominated gym. Well I have good news for you! As a healthy lifestyle is gaining traction here in Singapore, a number of fitness groups that specially cater to our hijab-wearing sisters have popped up. Here are a few for you to consider!

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Useful Hacks You Can Use If Your Hijab Gets Stained


Imagine you’re on a date at a fancy restaurant. You’re wearing an elegant white hijab that shimmers under the light. But alas, your inner klutz (or rather, your anxiety) caused you to miss the mark as you’re about to put a spoonful of soup into your mouth… and you end up with a large stain on your hijab. While most of us would probably be a lot more careful if we were in a high-end restaurant, I’m sure that we’ve at least had our hijab stained before, that leaves behind an ugly blot. So what can we do to remove it?

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Hijab-Friendly Activities You Never Thought of Doing


Do you find yourself spending large chunks of your day scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram news feeds? Are you getting bored of watching movie after movie on Netflix all day? Are you itching to pick up a new hobby? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or any other question that sound remotely similar), maybe it’s time to do something new… something TOTALLY new! Here are some hijab-friendly activities you probably didn’t think of getting your hands on but really should.

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A Muslimah’s Guide to Being Productive


If there were ever times when I felt like I deserved a slap on the face, it would be the two times this semester when I was panicking to turn in my assignments one minute before the deadline. And in one of these instances, just as I had thought that I had beaten the clock, I was proven wrong.

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Why Shopping Online Makes Me Happy


Many Singaporeans these days lead a very consumerist lifestyle. We work hard for our money and we certainly know how to play hard as well. For the ladies, nothing beats the excitement of shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores. Nevertheless, online shopping has recently become a pretty good alternative for getting our occasional shopping sprees.