If you’ve ever had a massive headache thinking about what you should wear to school, know that you’re not alone! Sometimes I miss wearing a school uniform because then it would mean that I won’t have such a problem. But after spending two years in university, I’ve come to be grateful for the opportunity for me to express myself through my outfits. Here are five looks that I think would allow me and you to do just that, while allowing us to still look presentable in the classroom.

Everyday Hijab Fashion for Students

  1. The Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything Look


Source: pinterest.com (@Martina Kilroy)

I may not feel like doing anything, but I certianly want to look good! Thus I turn to looking casual with a semi-baggy top, a pair of harem pants, and a pair of slippers. I’ve seen a lot of hijabis walk around campus wearing such an outfit – simple, but still suitable for the classroom.

  1. The Psychedelic Look


Source: sketchesofmind.com

School is a place for self-exploration, and I think fashion is a great medium for exploring my creative side! I personally love mixing and matching colours, and I more often than not try to combine 3 different colours in 1 outfit. Plus, I find that wearing a colourful outfit brings a sense of energy and keeps me awake during an early morning class J

  1. The Semi-casual/Semi-formal Look


Source: sketchesofmind.com

When planning my outfits, I factor in my activities for the day. And on days when I have a presentation, this look comes in handy. Pair a collared blouse with a pair of pants that is not too loose not too tight, along with a pair of covered shoes! There is a sense of professionalism in such an outfit.

  1. The Fuss-free Fussy (Fun + Classy) Look


Source: pinterest.com (Aaishah Kausar)

Every hijabi should have at least one plain long skirt in her wardrobe so that she can easily match it with a long-sleeved top that keeps her looking youthful and elegant. This is a useful hack that seems to require a lot of preparation but is actually effortless to pull off J

  1. The Dressing Up Look


Source: forums.bascota.com

People say that every woman should own a little black dress that would come in useful for a night out in town. And I say that as with a maxi skirt, every schoolgoing hijabi should own a maxi dress that would come in useful for any school day. Such an outfit is suitable for presentations and networking events as well.

What other looks would you recommend for school?