Every Eid, women will be the busiest preparing the house, food and especially clothes for herself or for the entire family. Special attention would of course be given to herself. Colour, design, comfort and so on. And of course, from head to toe, everything is important. Everything needs to complement each other. A potentially gorgeous outfit may sometimes fail to impress when paired with an unsuitable hijab whereas a simple outfit can look fabulous if you know how to match it with the right type of hijab.

Hijab Style Ideas for Eid 2014

There are really a lot of different types and designs of hijab nowadays and on a special occasion like Eid, shoppers like ourselves are simply spoilt for choice. So let’s look at the hijab that is in and suitable for this Eid 2014 and which you should pick.

Satin shawls

Satin is a great material that is classy and elegant on its own. Both the matte and shiny satin shawls have a wavy reflective effect on lights. Nowadays, satin shawls are styled together with lace or embroidery to give an extra edge or style to it. This gives it a Turkish flair as well. Most of the time, with the lace and embroidery, the satin shawl turns from classy to a more glamorous feel. So if you looking for a glamorous touch to your outfit, a satin shawl with lace or embroidery may be the thing for you. However, do avoid from wearing too much of reflective items such as those ‘bling bling’ thick necklaces, watches, and shoes especially if your outfit is made of satin too. You wouldn’t want to radiate too much light which could turn out being to overpowering.

Hijab with stones and diamonds

I don’t mean the real diamonds, but the shiny plastic ones that are often sewn at the edge of a shawl or hoodie or for some, sewn all over the entire shawl. These hijab are suitable if you are wearing a plain designed outfit, because the stones and diamonds would give it an extra edge. If coupled with a floral print outfit or any other big printed outfit, it would probably not work. My mum loves these kinds of hijab as she said that it looks expensive and exclusive. Well yes, more often than not, these kinds of shawls are pretty costly as the stones and diamonds themselves incur extra material cost and it needs to be hand sewn. From my personal observation and frequent magazine flipping, i noticed that those who like wearing these kinds of hijab are those aged in the late 40’s to late 50’s. Perhaps they do want to look mature and able to afford expensive items. For those who really want to don this kind of hijab but do not want to look over the top, you may want to try getting one which has moderate amount of stones and diamonds sewn. Perhaps those which only have them on the shorter side or on one edge of the shawl.

Chiffon shawls

Chiffon is the kind of material that can never go wrong on any daily outfit. However, for Eid, is it suitable? I would say that it is suitable and is a common choice among ladies be it teenagers or adults. This is definitely because of the comfort that the chiffon material gives and the massive availability of it. A plain chiffon shawl with a plain, same-coloured outfit looks pretty good if simplicity is what you are looking for this year. However, for those looking for a bit of that chic look, the simplest way is to match printed chiffon shawls with your plain design outfit. For example, wearing a floral chiffon shawl with a matching floral handbag or floral shoes, and pairing them with a plain abaya, baju kurung, kebaya, kaftan or so on. This is especially suitable for youths. If your outfit is a printed one, then get a plain, single-colour chiffon shawl with a nice design like the wavy lettuce cut edge. If you are looking for a hijab that offers utmost simplicity with class, that’s easy, grab a chiffon shawl that has a sequin edge or one that has small pearls sewn on it. Couple this with a sequin handbag or a pearly one and you would look absolutely stunning.

Wide viscose shawls

Since last year, viscose shawls have been in trend and are a must-have in every Muslimah wardrobe. These shawls are quite similar to their chiffon counterparts, because of the comfort and affordability that they offer. On top of that, viscose is just so easy to style. This is a good choice if you want to create the puffy look since styling them is much simpler as compared to chiffon. In terms of choosing designs, the same rules as the chiffon shawls apply here. Due to the soft look that the viscose shawls give, it would create that simple chic look. If you want glamour, viscose is out and satin would be a better choice.

There are a million and one shawl designs out there and you can surely find one that suits your outfit. When choosing, my only advice is to match properly. If you think that you are not good in matching, the safest way is to match between a plain with a design and prevent having too much prints. Matching prints with prints are nice however, it needs to be chosen carefully to avoid being mismatched and messy. Whatever it is ladies, you just have to feel and believe that you are beautiful because only when you feel that way that people around would believe so too.