If any of us were asked to predict the number of ways to style a hijab, I think all of us would get it wrong. There’s simply too many! And that’s what so unique about it.


Hijab Styles of Different Groups of Muslimahs

Hijabis in Singapore and all over the world are united by one common purpose, but the different ways in which we choose to wear it reflect our diverse individualities. Sometimes, they also reflect the generation that we belong to. It’s interesting to see the varying trends between different groups of Muslimahs – teens, working adults, mothers and seniors. In this article, I picked up a couple of features of each group which stand out the most to me. I’m curious if the same would come to your mind!

Teens – The Adventurers:


Source: rinawoesthon.blogspot.sg


Source: www.muslimstate.com

Without a doubt, among the four categories, teens are the most colourful, accessorised and experimental in their hijab choices. This means wrapping their hijabs around their heads – round upon round – to create a layered effect and to give it a bit of a shape. Viscose and pashmina scarves do these really well, and perhaps this is why they are popular amongst teens. Brighter colours and patterned scarves are matched, rather imaginatively at times, with their already vibrant outfits. Sometimes, accessories of various kinds, like headbands, complete the look.

Working Adults – The Professionals:


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Source: Hijab Tutorial 65 “Office Look” by Zahratul Jannah

For this group, less is more. Muslimahs who are working tend to wear their scarves in ways that exude a sense of class, elegance and expertise. This is why minimalism is preferred – just one wrap of a plain lycra or chiffon shawl around the head, secured with small pins and occasionally, a simple brooch. Working adults would avoid colours which are too striking or attention-seeking. Instead, they go for black and shades of blue, grey, and brown to complement office clothes with similar colour schemes.

Mothers – The Hassle-free Hijabis


Source: www.nursingindubai.org

Mothers are superwomen. Their responsibilities of caring for their children – making sure their food, clothing and school supplies are taken of – at times on top of working and looking after the house, are extremely demanding. This is the reason why mothers usually style their hijabs in convenient, yet still stylistic, ways. Speak of convenience, and instant shawls come to mind. From the old school slip-ins to the current craze over snoods, there are a variety of instant shawls for mothers to choose from to look just as great as the women they are!

Seniors – The Original Tudung Wearers


Source: beritaharian.sg

Source: beritaharian.sg

The older generation of Muslimahs are unmistakably associated with the original tudung which some of us still wear at times – the square tudung. Wearing it usually involves folding it into a triangle, wrapping it around the face and pinning it near the chin, and then pinning the ends once more at the shoulders. It has a calm vibe to it, and I believe that every hijabi, regardless, of our age groups, is well acquainted with this classic way of wearing a tudung. For a long time, it was my go-to style when I first donned the hijab.
What other styles do you notice in these different groups?