Hands down, pastel colours are one of my absolute favourite colour schemes. I find these colours to be soft yet bold, elegant yet playful at the same time. Having said this, however, I have to admit that it took me a while to get used to wearing pastels because I found it a hassle to mix them. Do the colours even match? Do these pastel-coloured shoe look out of place? Do I look too much like a princess? After trial-and-error (and also looking at how other people mix their pastels), I’ve come up with a four-way solution that perhaps you would find useful if you’ve ever had doubts with this family of colour.

Hijabi Tips for Mixing Pastel Colours

  1. Monochrome


Source: redinnews.com

Go monochrome by mixing different clothing parts of the same/similar colour, but of varying shades. Perhaps a darker blue top along with a baby blue jeans, paired with a hijab of a hue of blue that lies somewhere in between. Invert, reverse and do whatever you want with the combination. But be wary of overdoing it – limit the number of pieces in your outfit of the same to 3, and like in the photo below, accessorise with a different coloured outerwear or of pair of shoes.

  1. Colour-blocking


Source: pinterest.com (@A Kal)

Pastel colours look great together, so don’t be afraid to mix and match! Let your imagination go wild, but once again, do not overdo yourself. I would suggest keeping the number of colours in your outfit to a maximum of 3. Use the colour wheel as a guide to choose the colours that best complement each other. In the colour wheel below, the colours on opposite sides are complementary to each other.



  1. Mix pastels with brighter colours


Source: bajumuslimpengantin.com

Be adventurous and try mixing pastels with brighter colours! You can either choose a complementary colour of a more striking tone, or a like in the photo below, select a non-pastel scarf and pair of shoes to match with your pastel-coloured skirt. Adding brighter colours to the outfit adds a tinge of edginess to it, don’t you think?

  1. Mix pastels with neutral colours


Source: pinterest.com (@Indah Nada Puspita)

And if you think none of the three tips above work for you, then always go back to basics – mix your pastels with a neutral colour, such as white or black. Pastels go especially well with grey and shades of brown.

In a nutshell, creativity and simplicity are key to mixing pastels. What other tips do you have?