For a vast majority of us, gone were the days when we had perfect eyesight – when we didn’t have to rely on a pair of spectacles or contact lenses to see things as they were. And for many of us who fall into this category, we might find it problematic to integrate our spectacles into our hijab styles, especially because there is a risk that our glasses would slip off against the hijab or worse, cause a headache when pressed too tightly beneath the layer of our hijab… How then, is it possible, to look good and feel maximum comfort in both our glasses and hijab? Here are my personal protips:

How to Pull Off Wearing Glasses with Your Hijab

Step 1: Choose the right frame of glasses

Before we even begin to talk about the hijab, let’s focus on the glasses. A pair of spectacles can make or break a look, and this is why it is essential to choose a pair of frames that suits the shapes of our faces and our skin tones. Ultimately, it is about striking a balance. Frames that are angular and narrow tend to make round faces thinner and longer, while wide or round frames maintains the balance of an oval-shaped face. Take a look in the mirror, and ask yourself how you’d like the glasses to accentuate your face. In terms of the colour of the frames, first determine your own skin tone – whether it is a warm tone (i.e. pink and blue undertones) or cool tone (i.e. yellow or peach undertones). Frames that are darker or more striking in colour go well with cool skin tones while frames of lighter or pastel hues are suited for warm skin tones. So combine what you know about your face shape and skin tone to find a pair of frames that will complement your face.

Step 2: Decide how you want to wear your glasses with your hijab

There are three main ways you can wear your glasses with your hijab: either underneath all the layers of the hijab, or between the layers of the hijab or over all the layers of the hijab. While there is no hard and fast rule to deciding, I’m inclined to say that it boils down again to the shape of your face. If your face is round or wide, I’d suggest wearing the glasses over the hijab make your face appear narrower. And if your face is narrow, wear the glasses underneath the layers of your hijab for the opposite effect.

How you decide to wear your glasses plays an important role in your subsequent decision in choosing the right hijab material to wear. If you’re going to wear the glasses between or over all the layers of your hijab wrap, then select a material that is not too smooth. A viscose hijab, for example, would be ideal in keeping your glasses in place. In practical terms, this style would also be ideal if you know that you’d be taking off your glasses a lot throughout the day (e.g. on a rainy day that causes clouds to form on your glasses). However, wearing the glasses underneath the different layers would give your more flexibility to choose a smoother material, like chiffon or lycra because then you wouldn’t have to worry about your glasses slipping away.

Step 3: Remember to make yourself feel comfortable!

A bonus protip that I have is to wear the hijab in a way that is not too tight, especially if you’re wearing your glasses underneath your hijab. I’ve witnessed people whose faces seem to be squished because their glasses seem to be squeezing their faces on account of their tight hijabs. More importantly, wearing the hijab too tightly might cause pain to your head!

There you go! In short, just remember that in wearing glasses with your hijab, balance and comfort are key.