“When I started acting, it was very awkward for me. I didn’t know what the expected standards were. And when I finally knew what it was like to act, in a theatrical show especially, I realised that it really pushed me to how far I could go. ”

Muslimahs of Singapore: Azfarihin Aziz

“…That really helped me in building patience, because it wasn’t something that I could master in a day. It took time, and I needed experience to improve. On top of that, I also needed guidance. So through acting, I learnt to take things slowly, keep working hard and to not give up. And to just push myself. I think it’s the biggest waste for anyone to not be pushed to his/her potential. So if you think you have potential in something, just keep on pushing even though it’s tiring. And always do something you like. For me, if you do something you don’t like, you wouldn’t be able to pull through and maximise your potential. So, in terms of acting and dancing, these are things I really like even though they’re tiring. Like right now, I’m preparing for Pentas Budaya, and the trainings in May are on both days of the weekends. It gets very tiring. But if I really love it, at the end of the day, even when I’m tired, I will still wake up the next morning to do it.”

Azfarihin Aziz | 20
National University of Singapore | Business

NUS Malay Language Society’s annual theatrical production, Pentas Budaya, will run on 3rd and 4th June at the Play Den @ The Arts House this year. This year’s play, Abadi, centres around issues of family and divorce within the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore. Tickets will be released soon so watch out for it by following Pentas Budaya on Instagram (@nuspentasbudaya) and Facebook (NUS Pentas Budaya)!