While many of us would definitely prefer to break our fast with our own home-cooked delicacies, there’s bound to be days when eating out with our friends and family during iftar sounds like a good idea. It would be an even better plan if you didn’t have to spend a bomb while you’re at it. Here are some of our recommendations to try this Ramadan.

New Iftar Places to Try under $10

  1. Siam Wok @ Big Box Jurong

siam wok


They have ala carte menu, menu for 2-4pax and even a special Ramadhan Buffet! For an ala carte menu, $7.90 gets u a set of rice with a choice of dish, tom yam soup and desert (pulut hitam)! Pretty reasonable price I would say for a complete meal. Food was average but service was great! Very down to earth owner. For those aching to try all their dishes can go for the buffet which is priced at $20 for adult and $12 for children. Big Box Siam Kitchen is good to go on weekdays, I guarantee you that there wont be much crowd.

  1. Jinjja Chicken


Those looking for a different tune than the typical KFC chicken can come over and try this Korean inspired fried chicken. You can choose from standard Soy or Spicy. If chicken is not your thing, feel free to try the Korean noodles. They have 2 choices of the noodles but I personally prefer the chicken over their other dishes. Definitely a good try for Korean food lover!

  1. Toasties

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Subway at Jb would be too much of a hassle to go to especially during the Ramadhan month because of traffic jams. But you can get your sandwich fix at Toasties! Love the fact that it is pretty similar to Subway in terms of choices. Good to take away as seats at their outlets are pretty little.

  1. Burock @ Yishun Chong Pang


This is a MUST go to for Kacang Pool lovers! I have tried a couple of kacang pool throughout Singapore (including the famous Geylang one) and I have to say that Burock has one of the best kacang pool. I tried the one at Yishun Chong Pang.  It is lesser than $5 for a bowl of kacang pool with 1 egg and a few pieces of bread. If you are a big eater, you can simply order the larger portion ones. Aside from kacang pool their other selection includes roti john, goreng pisang cheese and Nasi Briyani (or is it Bukhari i’m not sure).

  1. So Pho

1620197479_FriedGlassNoodlewSesameBeef sopho1

Source: http://www.am-suhaila.com/2015/04/so-pho/

Watching your weight during this Ramadhan and still want a fulfilling meal? Then you should try So Pho’s Beef Noodle. For $9.80 you can get the one with beef or if you are willing to spend more, $12 can get you the one with beef balls and brisket. Ask for more chilli padi for the extra kick!

  1. Burger up!

Burger Up Review 120236a2c4d1082eaa61180292_original.

Very very fulfilling big burger! I suggest getting the DIY one as you can really choose what you want to add. Want double patty? Want double cheese? No problem, just add on! Well of course, the more you add, the pricier it will be. Or cut the hassle and just get their pre made burger at a fix price. If you are willing to spend a bit more, do try their sides too. Pretty good!

  1. Roll with Makisan


Basically a choice of DIY sushi! Sounds cool right! You can choose between the $7.90 ‘Little San’ or $9.90 ‘Mega San’. I tried this just for the fun of it even though I am not a sushi fan my verdict is that I still don’t like sushi. For sushi’s fan, this might not be the best too because it is a bit dry, and the filling is a bit. However it is still a good place to try because who knows, your DIY combi might taste great!

  1. Puncak @ Far East


Be it during Ramadhan or not, this small restaurant is a great place to have your meal if you don’t mind sharing table with other people. Apart from that, their food is superb, the wanton, bee hoon goreng, fried rice, kway teow cockles and the list goes on. And the price is very very affordable too. The staff are friendly and would help you get a seat if their place is full. If you are going iftar in a big group however, this place might not be a wise choice because it is sure to be crowded.

  1. Al-Ameen @ Woodlands

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If you are in the north, hop over to Al’Ameen for a wide selection of food. They serve from thai food, to indian food to economy dishes. Apart from Rasa rasa, this is a good place to have coffee shop food. YouI especially love their black pepper chicken with an egg onion omelette as a side. Simply wow! For $10 you are definitely spoilt for choice here.