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New Iftar Places to Try under $10


While many of us would definitely prefer to break our fast with our own home-cooked delicacies, there’s bound to be days when eating out with our friends and family during iftar sounds like a good idea. It would be an even…

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Everyday Make-Up Tips for Muslimahs


I’d be the first to admit that applying make-up in the mornings can take up more time than I would like it to. But thank goodness, after seeking advice from friends who abide by a daily make-up routine, I’ve come…

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Useful Hacks You Can Use If Your Hijab Gets Stained


Imagine you’re on a date at a fancy restaurant. You’re wearing an elegant white hijab that shimmers under the light. But alas, your inner klutz (or rather, your anxiety) caused you to miss the mark as you’re about to put…

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A Tribute to Muslim Mothers


Dear Mum, I was counting my blessings and you came to mind. How fitting it is that the first person on my list is also the first one who knew me when I arrived into this world. I’ve always wondered…

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Ayu Apparels Coupon Code | Discount Code


Shopping online at Ayu Apparels is always an exciting thought. You may have in the situation where you are simply spoilt for choice when browsing through our catalog. When that happens, decisions have to be made and you will most probably…

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Everyday Hijab Fashion for Students


If you’ve ever had a massive headache thinking about what you should wear to school, know that you’re not alone! Sometimes I miss wearing a school uniform because then it would mean that I won’t have such a problem. But…

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5 Signs that You’re Having a Bad Hijab Day


Ahh… don’t you have those days when everything’s wrong with your hijab? Just like a bad hair day, a bad hijab day happens at times. And I’ve heard that a bad hijab day is worse than a bad hair day…

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Muslimahs of Singapore: Nurul Marsya

Muslimahs of Singapore

“My current field of study is architecture and such a field requires much optimism and foresight. Because essentially what we are trained to do is to prescribe the future, to draw the first line on a blank sheet of paper….