The shawl is no newcomer when it comes to fashion. It has been around since the 14th century and has been a useful piece of garment for millions of people. Be it a muslimah or non muslimah, every woman must have a shawl! Why so?

Shawls – A Must-have for Every Lady

When you are going to an air conditioned place, a shawl can definitely keep you warm. Instead of the bulky jacket or cardigan that you need to carry in your bag, a shawl is a better option as it is lighter and less bulky. In offices, women are already replacing their cardigans with shawls as it can also be used to complement their outfits. If you are going out to catch a show or to the theatres, a shawl could be used to add that little bit of class to your dressing. Even when you are out on a date, using a shawl could give you the elegant, feminine look.

For the non muslimah and non hijabis, another reason to use a shawl is when you want to use it as coverage. For instance, if you want to wear a tube dress, you can simply wrap the shawl around your neck or put it over your shoulder to cover your bare neckline. A sheer one would be good if you intend to show off the dress design.

For Muslimahs, I am sure you know exactly how much you need and adore shawls. So why is a shawl a must-have for Muslimahs? Simple, to adhere by Allah’s saying and cover our aurah. But why else does a muslimah need a shawl for other than to cover her hair? As an accessory of course! I have seen creative Muslimahs out there who use an additional shawl as an accessory by wrapping it around the main shawl that they are wearing. It is like wearing head band on your shawl but this time round you’re using another shawl. However, the shawl that they use as an add-on accessory is much shorter in terms of length and width as compared to the usual full sized shawl.

When going to the beach, women usually use shawls to wrap around their hips. This is another way in which the shawl can be used as an accessory regardless whether you are a Muslimah or not. Put on a simple black long sleeve dress, simply use a floral shawl and wrap it around your waist, grab your sunglasses and put on favourite flip-flops. And you are ready for the beach!

To sum it up, there are a lot of uses for shawls. You might need it at work, when out for a date, for a beach outing or for Muslimahs, an essential item in your daily wear. Therefore, shawls are truly a must-have for every lady apart from the other common things like an LBD and a good pair of jeans.