Many Singaporeans these days lead a very consumerist lifestyle. We work hard for our money and we certainly know how to play hard as well. For the ladies, nothing beats the excitement of shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores. Nevertheless, online shopping has recently become a pretty good alternative for getting our occasional shopping sprees.

Why Shopping Online Makes Me Happy

1) Finally something new to wear, yay!

This is definitely one of the main reasons why someone shops online, right? There are tons and tons of clothes to choose from online. Enough for you to wear something different every single day. (if you can afford the time an money of course) Besides, it gets pretty boring to wear the same old thing to work and out. Trust me, you don’t wanna end up in a situation where someone tells you, “Hey, didn’t you wear this on Monday?” *faints.

2) That burst of excitement when i receive my purchases in the mail

Wrapped in a box, in a polymailer bag, in an envelope or whatsoever, it is just so exciting to open it up! Especially when you just can’t wait another year for your next birthday, shopping online and getting the parcel feels like you’ve just gotten a present! For those who really can’t wait, opt for an express delivery service have it delivered twice as fast.

3) Because I deserve a treat

Sometimes we work so hard either at home, at work or both that we simply feel blank and tired after a day of hustle. Give yourself just 15 minutes, yes just 15 minutes, to click away and get yourself something nice. After long days of mental and physical drainage, you deserve a treat! It does not have to be something expensive or extravagant. A nice dress, shawl, brooch or pin would be just what you need.

4) A feast for my eyes

Well you’ve heard of window shopping right? Where you walk around shops and ogle at the pretty things in store. If you do it online, it can be much more satisfying! You can simply click click click and browse browse browse till your eyes get all tired! And then you can go to bed smiling imagining yourself in that gorgeous piece.

5) I really really NEED it. I swear

My boss asked us to wear red, white with stars and crescents for the upcoming national day. I don’t have any!! What do i do?? Let’s shop online! Some online shops let you filter products by colour, size and type. This makes dressing for the theme much less of a hassle.

6) It’s on sale??? What a great deal!

Sales and promotions always drive me crazy! And when you buy something that is on sale, the satisfaction doubles because you know that you managed to save some money while shopping or, purchase more things for the same amount of money. It’s also an opportunity for you to buy an extra item to keep for someone’s birthday or surprise for your partner with an impromptu gift.

7) Easiest way to shop without being disturbed

Shopping in brick and mortar stores can get a little annoying when you notice the salesperson following you around. You just don’t feel free to roam around and choose. That’s why I love online shopping. You can browse through all the collections at the comfort of your own home with a cup of hot chocolate by your side. Perfect.

8) Finally managed to get my hands on that dress I’ve been eyeing

A lot of times, I want something so bad but for some reason or another, I didn’t get the chance to buy it. And when I finally manage to get it, it would definitely make my day. In fact, it would make my whole week!

9) Haven’t you heard of retail therapy? I’m gonna forget about stress, work and the world. I’m gonna shop!

Who doesn’t know this??!! Shopping is the best form of therapy and it is cheaper than going to the psychiatrist. You even get to do a very honourable thing, contribute to the economy.