Ahh… don’t you have those days when everything’s wrong with your hijab? Just like a bad hair day, a bad hijab day happens at times. And I’ve heard that a bad hijab day is worse than a bad hair day because when all else fails, a ponytail always does the trick. So what happens on a bad hijab day?

5 Signs that You’re Having a Bad Hijab Day

  1. You can’t find a hijab to match your outfit


Source: saravictorious.com

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with an image of the perfect outfit in your head. Well, it seems perfect until you actually try it on, look at yourself in the mirror and realise that your scarf is spoiling the whole look. And you rummage through the 50 shawls that you have in your closet and nothing seems to work out for you. It’s like all your shawls are trying to tell you something… “Be prepared. This is just the beginning of a bad hijab day.”

  1. You take 30 minutes to wear your hijab


Source: timesofisrael.com

And when you finally find something that looks slightly decent to go with your outfit, you can’t seem to put it on properly. The first time you try it, it’s too tight that your face feels squished. The second time, it’s too loose that you know it’s going to fall apart soon. After 30 minutes, you settle for something that makes your face look a little rounder than it is… but it’ll have to do for the day.

  1. Your hair keeps showing


Source: trendshijab.blogspot

Even though you dedicated a half hour of your day to making sure that your hijab stays in place, your hair decides not to cooperate. And throughout the day, you find yourself spending a large chunk of your time sliding loose strands of hair back out of view. Yes, on days like this, you end up having to do the job that your hijab is supposed to do!

  1. Your skin keeps showing


Source: breitbart.com

On some bad hijab days, your hijab seems to have a life of its own! It moves around so much that your shoulders or your back starts to show a little. And the worst part about this is that you probably won’t realise this until a girlfriend of yours politely shifts your hijab back in place! I always feel a tad embarrassed when this happens. It’s like having something stuck in your teeth while you’re going around talking to people!

  1. Even your guy friends notice something’s wrong with your hijab


Source: interfaithramadan.com

And you know that you’ve hit rock bottom when even a guy friend of yours, who normally cannot tell between different hijab styles, that something’s amiss about the way you look. Once, I was lamenting to a guy friend that I was having a bad hijab day, and he said, “Yeah I know.” Another time, another friend asked, “Why is your scarf like that?” I silently thought, “I wish I knew the answer to that.”

But lighten up, even though bad hijab days are… bad, the good thing is that they happen only once in a while!