I can’t be the only one who has a #girlcrush on Malaysian fashion icon, Vivy Yusof. A successful and intelligent entrepreneur with a wardrobe and style every girl dreams of, Vivy Yusof has become one of the biggest fashion and life inspiration for women in this age. I love her fashion and style but every time an OOTD of hers pops up on my Instagram, I already know she would be donning pieces from her brand, that we all know are on the pricier side. There’s always a way to go around pricier clothes by finding dupes and so, my venture to recreate Vivy’s impeccable style started. After scrolling through her Instagram for hours and scouring through Ayu Apparels’s large clothing catalogue, I present the first instalment of this new series ‘#StealTheirStyle’. In this article, I will show you how to re-create looks donned by fashion icon Vivy Yusof and upgrade your fashion game!

 #StealTheirStyle: Vivy Yusof

Look 1: Embroidered Cardigan

In this first look, Vivy dons a embroidered floral cardigan over a plain white tee and dresses the look down with boyfriend jeans. She keeps it sophisticated with a pair of simple white pumps. To recreate this look, Tiara is wearing the Carella Lux Cardigan in Khaki, which is a very close dupe to the one Vivy is wearing. She is keeping the rest simple and classy, using jeans, heels and shades.


Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Look 2: Monochrome

You can’t go wrong with monochrome and in this look, Vivy is pairing a white top with ruffles with plain slim black pants. Ruffle tops are very in trend right now and this is not the only OOTD of Vivy wearing a top like this. To mix it up a bit, Tiara is wearing the Parthena Ruffles Blouse in Black, a close dupe to the one Vivy is wearing and for the bottom, she is wearing the Striped Slim Pants in White. To keep it classy, she’s using black heels and shades.

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Look 3: Ruffle Sleeves

Another big trend are tops with exaggerated sleeves especially bell sleeves. In this look, Vivy is rocking the dramatic sleeves with simple slim white pants. She colour blocked her pink blouse with a pastel green hijab. Interestingly, she is wearing slider sandals to complete her look, which has been the fashion craze nowadays, as seen in shops such as Rubi. Tiara is using the Arissa Bell Sleeve Blouse in Baby Pink which also have bell sleeves, and for bottoms, she is wearing the Ruffle Pants in White to compliment her dressy top.

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Look 4: One-Colour Ensemble

Vivy is imitating a pantsuit in this look by using the same coloured top and bottom. Along with ruffled sleeves, flared sleeves are also very popular. Instead of a navy blue ensemble, Tiara is wearing a full-pink outfit using the Ribbed Flutter Sleeve Blouse in Pink and the Front Pleat Trousers in Dirty Pink.

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Look 5: Pink-blue

I personally love this sweet but loud look by Vivy, matching pink and blue pieces, with a touch of floral. Recreate this super sweet look by Vivy using the Tied Floral Blouse in Blue and the Flare Hem Pants in Dusty Pink. If you need more colour in your outfits or want to go bold one day, try this colour combination- blue and pink!

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Look 6: Grid Pants

Simple and sophisticated. In this look, Vivy is pairing a plain white tee, with simple detailing, with grid pants. Tiara is using the Ribbed Lined Blouse in White and pairing it with the Grid Textured Pants in Light Grey.

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Source: instagram.com (@vivyyusof)

Check out the video to Steal Vivy Yusof’s Style here:

Steal Vivy Yusof's Look!

Ladies, do you have style envy for your favourite fashion influencers? In this new series, ’Steal Their Look’, we will feature your favourite Instagram fashion queens and give you tips on how to follow some of their best looks! Featuring pieces from Ayu Apparels, we will also provide more affordable alternatives to the clothing items worn by them. Look 1Top: https://bit.ly/2HKPYRvBottom: Boyfriend Jeans (Model’s Own)Look 2Top: Parthena Ruffles Blouse in Black (available at Walk-in Store)Bottom: https://bit.ly/2F8rImE Look 3Top: https://bit.ly/2HRPK8H (Baby Pink is OOS)Bottom: https://bit.ly/2JgySrvLook 4Top: https://bit.ly/2qSkChSBottom: https://bit.ly/2F8RJChLook 5Top: https://bit.ly/2HjJKEEBottom: https://bit.ly/2JdfMCHMusic by hooksounds.com

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