Hijabis are indeed an special part of the vibrant Singaporean community. Not only do we stand out in terms of our dressing, for years, we have also been making our mark as valued contributors in our society. If you have been raised in Singapore, chances are that you have met or have been friends or acquaintances with a Hijabi. But how much do you really know about us?

7 Things About Hijabis That You Should Know

1) Hijab is our choice

Accept it, please.. We don’t feel oppressed or little when we wear the hijab. Hijab is a choice and we have made that choice to don the Hijab. Perhaps some might be forced by their parents to do so but hey, it’s the same as the parents forcing their children to eat vegetables or to dress properly before going out. Do you say that they are being oppressed? No. So please accept the fact that wearing the Hijab is something that we muslim women do out of our own free will.

2) We cover our hair not our brain/ears

Hijab is typically a thin piece of cloth covering the head. When we wear the Hijab, our IQ does not automatically drop. We are as capable as anyone else, be it mentally or physically. So that being said, we do have ambitions to pursue our dreams of a meaningful life or career. Many of us have made our mark in society as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. Plus, wearing the hijab does not mean we are deaf or cannot hear things. In fact, we do hear all the passing remarks people make around us. We just choose not to react so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

3) Yes we do have hair!

This is just so funny to me. How can someone think so? So wearing shoes means you have no toes? Some people can be so rude you know. I heard comments like ‘she must be bald’, ‘i don’t think she has hair’ or ‘Voldemort’. That is outright discrimination. It is sad that people need to be educated on this when it is just based on sensible thinking. Mummies, if u hear your children asking if we have hair or not, do enlighten them.

4) When the weather is hot, of course we feel hot

Some people are so cute. When we are walking to the bus stop under the hot sun, my friends would express that they are feeling hot. They would then turn to me and ask if I’m feeling hot wearing long sleeves and with the hijab. My standard answer, “Duhhh!!” 😀

5) Our head doesn’t have ‘pin-holes’

Pins and brooches are essential in keeping the hijab in place, especially for those wearing shawls. Every now and then and especially for those who are just starting to wear shawls, the pins might poke their heads and fingers. But it certainly would not be so drastic as to create ‘holes’ on the head and hand.

6) No, we don’t go to sleep & shower in the hijab

Do you shower with your shoes or clothes on? Definitely not. The same logic applies to the Hijab. Also, i think many people don’t realize that we do not have to wear our hijab at home when we are with our family or husband. So there is no reason to have our hijabs on when we are sleeping at home. Perhaps, some may have gotten the idea from TV dramas when they see the actresses sleeping with their inner hijab on. That’s simply beacuse TV shows are meant to be aired and broadcasted to the public. Hence, it is a must to cover our hair in this case.

7) We are normal people and we do make mistakes

Just because we wear the hijab, it does not mean that we are perfect and cannot make mistakes. Sometimes, even within the muslim community itself, there’s this notion that we must be extremely pious when wearing the hijab. Most of us wear hijabs with the aim of being more religious and getting closer to God. But I must emphasize that change takes time and this is start of a journey for many of us. Wearing a hijab does not instantaneously make a person good. However, I’m sure many hijabis can vouch for the fact that wearing the hijab does make the person feel a sense of peace and submission to God. Given enough time and support, I’m sure many hijabis will see a positive change in themselves. So please keep in mind that we are not angels and neither are we devils too. We are just normal humans trying to live peacefully and happily.