Imagine you’re on a date at a fancy restaurant. You’re wearing an elegant white hijab that shimmers under the light. But alas, your inner klutz (or rather, your anxiety) caused you to miss the mark as you’re about to put a spoonful of soup into your mouth… and you end up with a large stain on your hijab. While most of us would probably be a lot more careful if we were in a high-end restaurant, I’m sure that we’ve at least had our hijab stained before, that leaves behind an ugly blot. So what can we do to remove it?

Useful Hacks You Can Use If Your Hijab Gets Stained

  1. Baby Powder

This seems to be my mother’s go-to method whenever I clumsily spill something oily onto my hijab when we’re at a family gathering. She would sprinkle some baby powder on the stain, smear it to cover the stain up, and wash it away a while later. However, it’d be better to put the hijab into the washing machine after removing the powder.

  1. Shampoo

Who knew that the shampoo we use for our hair could also be useful for the hijab that covers our hair? While I think most of our instincts would tell us to use soap instead, the chemicals in shampoo that is used to remove natural hair oils can actually also be used to remove oil stains! Simply scrub the stain using shampoo and wash it away after a while. For best results, let your washing machine do the trick of removing the shampoo J

  1. Coke

Surprisingly, the coke we drink is actually very useful in removing stubborn oil stains. For it to be effective, you’d need to leave the coke on the stain for 1 to 2 hours before washing it off. So I wouldn’t recommend this trick if you only have a few minutes to yourself in the bathroom while your date awaits your return at the dinner table!

  1. Wrap your hijab in another way

As hijabis, we’re supposed to be dextrous with the headscarf. So use this skill to wrap your hijab in a way that hides the stain! There was once when I accidentally spilled something onto my hijab, that left a small stain on it, but I still wore it the next few days because I managed to wear the hijab in a way that the stained portion was laying beneath another layer 😉

  1. Leave it

Do you find it way too much of a hassle to even care about your stained hijab? Why not leave it then? If you happen to spill a cup of coffee onto your hijab while you’re having a conversation with someone, try laughing it off, and then steer the conversation to a different subject. In a matter of minutes, the person might have forgotten all about your stain… we hope J

What other useful hacks do you turn to when your hijab gets stained?