If you have always wanted to start wearing Hijab but find yourself being bogged down by the inertia of embarking on such a significant change, remember that you are not alone. There are thousands of like-minded ladies before you who have successfully made the transition. And the general sentiment is that it has changed their lives drastically, in a good way of course. The hijrah to Hijab is often said as one that is accompanied by a sense of happiness and inner peace.

Useful Tips for Ladies Who Want to Wear Hijab

1. You Have to Start Somewhere

Every journey starts with a single step, even if it is a small step. In the comfort and privacy or your own home, spend some time experimenting with wearing hijab. You can always borrow your mom’s or friend’s hijab for a start. Once you get more comfortable with it, try wearing hijab to other places like your relative’s house for example. From there, you’ll most probably find how accepting and welcoming other people are when they see you in this new look.

2. Never Worry About Feeling or Looking ‘Different’ in Hijab

The first few times going out wearing a hijab will undoubtedly feel different. You’ll find yourself being very self-conscious almost all the time. This includes those little surprises in the ladies room when you see a different person when you take a glance at the mirror. You’ll find that instead of combing or adjusting your hair like you used to, you would be adjusting your shawl. Just remember that you will eventually get used to this. Like all things new, everyone will take time to adjust themselves. Just like your first day at work, or moving into a new home. In a multicultural society like Singapore, where it is not uncommon to see Muslimah wearing hijab, you’ll find that it is easier to make that transition. My advice is – Be confident of yourself and always know that you are always beautiful in the eyes of Allah.

3. Surround Yourself with People in Hijab

It is always good to have friends or relatives around you who are wearing hijab. This would create strong positive influence and you will feel more confident wearing hijab just like them. And I’m sure these ladies would be constantly encouraging you along the way. If you don’t have people around you who are wearing hijab, fret not, there are Muslimahs everywhere you go – be it a celebrity, an artiste or even people you’ve just met. Make them your motivation and role model so that you can one day be like them too.

4. Stock Up on Plain Shawls

It is the same thinking as buying pants. Plain pants, just like plain shawls are considered necessities and can be easily matched with any top. Therefore, it is always good to get your hands on some plain shawls first and stocking them up when you first start to wear hijab. Be sure to have the basic colours like black, white and other primary colours in your shawls wardrobe. Patterned shawls are optional in my opinion and you can start getting them once you get more comfortable being in hijab. However, if you think you want to try them out, there is no harm buying a few to add to your wardrobe. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what designs you can wear. At the end of the day, the point is to be covered and to dress modestly.

5. Watch Hijab Tutorials

In case you don’t know, there are tons of video tutorials on the internet that teach you how to style shawls. YouTube is a good place to start. Some are very simple tutorials with just 3 steps that you can easily follow. Then there are also those complicated ones that will still leave you clueless even after watching the tutorial over and over again! But not to worry, for starters, it is important to pick the ones that are simple enough for you to try out and most importantly, you must of course be comfortable with that particular style. Once you have mastered a few basic styles, feel free to try out the more advanced ones.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

As they say, practice makes perfect! When you have some free time at home, try donning the shawl in a different way and see how you look in it. It is also important to practice so that you are able to wear your hijab fast. This is especially for those times when you are late for work and need to put on your hijab as fast as you can. But then again, in this kind of situation, you can just opt for the instant hijab!

Do you find these tips useful? Tell us! Feel free to share them with your friends!