What do you see when you open your wardrobe and take a glance through your shawls? Do you see any similarities? Or do you see a range of different designs? For most of us Muslimah, without even looking at our wardrobe, chances are we already know the type of designs that we have collected, whether consciously or not. So what does your Hijab really say about the kind of person you are?

What Does Your Hijab Say About You?

1. Geometrical, Symmetrical Shawls – The Modern, Organized Muslimah

These are what i would describe as the ruler-design shawls that give the impression of tidiness and structure. If you happen to have a lot of these designs in your closet, it would definitely indicate that you are an organized person. You most probably have a more dominant left brain which naturally makes you inclined to see things in a clean and structured manner, especially if you particularly have an uncanny preference for symmetrical, evenly striped designs. Such prints typically appeal to modern women who prefer a clean and sleek look. These women love planning ahead and most probably will have a very neat desk at work too.

2. Floral Prints – The Feminine Lady

When it comes to this type of shawls, I’m guilty as charged! My wardrobe is full of flowery designs ranging from big bright sunflowers to those teeny weenie flower buds. If you are like me, then you most probably have a girly personality. Whether we realise it or not, ladies like us tend to include floral elements in our daily outfits. Feminine ladies tend to be more gentle and sweet with other people. Even though they are most of the time very vulnerable people, these people are also the ones who never fail to empathize with the people around them.

3. Plain, Solid Colours – The Minimalist

Do you have more plain shawls rather than the printed or patterned ones? Great! You are by nature a minimalist who prefers to look for the simplest, best and effective way to do things. To you, there is a profound beauty in simplicity. While most muslimah will need plain designs in their wardrobes, the minimalist will outwardly reflect this in her behaviour too. They are very appreciative of the small things in their lives and tend to have a more positive mindset. Hence, they are one of the easiest people to please if you have a friend with such a personality.

4. Glittery, Silky and Stoney – The Glamorous Diva

For most, these are not casual hijabs that you would wear on a typical day, simply because not many people can really pull off such outfits. If you find yourself sporting that look more often than not, then there must be a little diva in you. These women are generally bold go-getters who are not afraid to have a little glimmer in their outfits. They are confident in themselves and most probably have an outgoing personality. At gatherings, they are usually the life of the party. They love taking photos and are not shy to pose for the camera.

5. Fancy Designs – The Arty Hipster

Be it the vintage design, abstract art or any other fancy print, these types of hijabs show what a stylish person you are. Ladies who love wearing such shawls are usually creative and are more daring to try out new things. They are into experimental fashion and love being up to date with the current styles. They enjoy the challenge of using their creative juices to match bold designs with their daily outfit. These are the ladies who are fun to be with because of their spontaneity and quirkiness.

6. Cute prints – The Bubbly Girl

I have met several muslimah whose dressing style can be described with just one word: Cute. Whether they choose to wear polkadot prints or those stamp prints with small repeated shapes of anchors, owls or hearts, these girls typically have a cheerful personality. And yes, you can expect them to go crazy whenever they see any of those cute-design shawls. These people are typically photogenic and are ever willing to try out those kawaii poses. Even if they are not into Korean pop culture, they are the ones who love buying cute items for the sake of buying them. I also would not be surprised to walk into one of these girls’ rooms full of cute toys and stickers everywhere.

7. The No-Iron Shawl – The Busy Woman

I am sure almost every muslimah would love this kind of shawl. Why? Oh you know why. They are perfect for those days when you overslept and have to rush off to work. But if you find yourself amassing tons of these shawls at home, it might be an indication that you are simply too busy with work. Otherwise, it could mean that you just love the no-fuss convenience that these shawls offer.

Now let’s not forget the ultimate purpose of our hijab, which is about modesty. Nevertheless, isn’t it wonderful that we each have our own unique personalities and characters? So ladies, don’t be afraid to show people the real you, because you are special in your own way. Let’s hear from you! So which group fits you the most?