Halal cosmetics- you’ve probably heard of it before but you might not have looked into it or taken an interest in it. I think we often pick up makeup products without thinking about its ingredients or manufacturing process- we usually just base it on the quality of the product. So, do you actually know what goes onto your face in your daily makeup? If you ask me, you should! I think not many people are well-informed on this topic, including me at first, believe me! So I’ve done the research and present to you my take on Halal cosmetics, and why you should start using them.

Why you should start using Halal Cosmetics

What is Halal Makeup/Cosmetics?

Simply put, Halal makeup refers to products containing only ingredients permissible by Islamic Law, which would mean it is free of alcohol or animal products. The manufacturing and processing process should also not involve any Non-Halal material. To get halal certification, there is a very detailed process each product has to go through, with more specifications. These products are ideally cruelty-free and vegan as well. However, vegan does not equate to halal as the product might still contain alcohol. So, do take note of this!

What’s the hype?

With the advent of social media like Instagram and Youtube, halal makeup is surfacing more and more, creating a growing demand for these products. With more Muslimah influencers going under the spotlight, it is clear that there is a significant population of Muslim women around the world who care about the products they use and are invested in using good, Halal products. Not only Muslim women but also ‘health-conscious’ Non-Muslim women alike are buying these products because they see the benefits of Halal Makeup.

Halal nail polish is another huge game changer in the Halal cosmetics industry. Breathable, water permeable nail polish that prove to be ‘wudhu-friendly” has been on the rise and quite predictably so. Although, of course, there is some controversy about whether it is still permissible, it often depends on the consumer. But the point is, the option is still out there.

Why switch to Halal Makeup?

With the rise of Halal cosmetics, women are becoming more aware of the products they consume and use on their face and body on a daily basis. Some familiar big makeup brands that you probably use daily, such as L’oreal and Maybelline, are actually not cruelty-free or vegan, but many are unaware of this fact. I think that as Muslim women, we should support organic, cruelty-free brands instead of those that are still using non-ethical testing methods to manufacture their products. This is why we should all slowly start to switch to Halal Makeup- the good, ethically-manufactured products that we won’t feel guilty buying or using.

For me, this was the first time I was researching into Halal and Vegan makeup so I didn’t know that such big drugstore makeup brands as mentioned above still used unethical methods to produce their products. Hence, I became convinced to start at least using cruelty-free makeup products for start, which is much more accessible.  Slowly, of course, I will try Halal makeup brands such as those mentioned below- and you should too!

Halal Makeup Brands to try: 

  1. Zahara: A Singaporean brand with a range of Halal makeup products including nail polish, liquid lipstick and eyeshadow palettes

Source: zahara.com

2. Wardah Beauty: An Indonesian brand, with a huge range of makeup and skincare products!

Source: instagram.com (@wardahbeauty)

3. Amara Cosmetics: Manufactured in US, it is the first company in North America to be completely Halal-certified

Source: salaambeauty.com

4. Maya Cosmetics : USA-made nail polish, with one of the widest range of colours for nail polish!

Source: pinterest.com

5. Tuesday In Love : Made in Canada, with a very wide range of Halal nail polishes!

Source: eluxemagazine.com

There are also a lot Vegan, Cruelty Makeup you can try, although not Halal-certified, such as Inika.

If you do want to make the switch to cruelty-free, Vegan or Halal makeup but have a ton of products that do not fit under the aforementioned categories, don’t chuck them aside! Instead, use those products up and when you need to get a new one, go for Halal makeup brands as mentioned above!

Thumbnail source: pinterest.com

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a scholar, but just a Muslim who loves all things makeup and beauty.